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The SLL Flavor Guide

Let's talk about FLAVORS! We all know there are tons of drink mixes that come in just about any flavor you can imagine. Most of them are self-explanatory, like the common strawberry, grape, orange and pineapple, just to name a few. However, you may see some of our recipes list flavors like Rainbow Candy and wonder what that means.

Let's Talk Flavors

If you’re familiar with the “nutrition” shops, then you know they claim to use drink mix flavors made by Abundant Life, which Herbalife acquired in recent years. Many Herbalife distributors also use drink mixes from Gage Foods and Gram Zero. All three of these manufacturers make the flavors known as Rainbow Candy, Cotton Candy, Pineapple Fandango, and many others.


Since we’ve created the loaded tea dupes and continue to share our recipes, Herbalife distributors and shop owners have really amped up their efforts to disguise the actual flavors they are using. We recognized these actions as an attempt to make replicating the teas more difficult and decided to bring our audience this Flavor Guide! 

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Rainbow candy

I never imagined there would be so much discussion around how to duplicate the Rainbow Candy flavor, but it’s definitely been a hot topic. 


First, you can purchase Rainbow Candy from Gage Foods or Gram Zero. Most people choose not to go that route since they are only sold in bulk lots and not sold individually. 


Replicating the Rainbow Candy flavor at home is simply mixing equal parts grape and cherry limeade. Our research shows that Sunkist grape and Sonic cherry limeade provide the most accurate results. The Sunkist and Sonic brand mixes can usually be found at most Walmart and grocery store locations but do vary depending on your region and availability. These can both be found on Amazon as well.


We have heard some chatter of using Skittles original punch or a cherry limeade and strawberry combination. These suggestions fall short. While they may taste good, they aren’t the Rainbow Candy flavor. We have noted that these missed marks are typically being shared by imitators to either discredit our work or distinguish themselves. It is what it is and some people will say anything for a little attention. 

Common flavor combos

These are some of the most common and easiest to replicate flavor combinations.

Each of the flavor combos use drink mixes that are typically very easy to find in stores. The Great Value brands are carried by Walmart stores and the other brands can usually be found at places like Walmart, grocery stores, discount and dollar stores, and places like CVS, Walgreens and Big Lots. If you have trouble finding these in stores or prefer to order online, check them out on Amazon.

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Popular & more Complex

These are some of the most popular and more complex to replicate flavor combinations.

Save Your Money

Bitsy's Swish

We had such high hopes when this flavor mix first arrived at our local Walmart, but it fell flat as a Cotton Candy dupe. It has more of an electrolyte, vitamin taste and does not compare to the Cotton Candy flavor used in the loaded teas.

Buddha Bubbles Boba

Little expensive, lacks flavor & full of sugar.

Quick guide

The all-in-one flavor guide

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