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Alani Nu Energy Drink Mix

Alani Nu Energy Sticks are the newest drink flavors on the market, and we are excited to add them into the SLL mix!


We found these at our local Walmart Neighborhood Market store in North Louisiana. I have not seen them online yet but hoping that changes soon. If y’all see them anywhere in your area, please share with us on one of our social media pages or shoot us an email.


Now, let’s talk about these Alani Nu mixes!

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All the Alani Nu Details

The flavors we have found so far are Breezeberry, Cosmic Stardust, and Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Each has its own unique flavor. I would say they are a carbon copy of the energy drinks they mimic, except for the lack of actual carbonation! If that’s important to you, it is easily fixed by adding club soda, seltzer water, sparkling water, or even Sprite Zero. 


Overall, we give these Alani Nu Energy Sticks a 9 out of 10!


Alani Nu Breezeberry gives blue raspberry vibes for sure! We paired it with pineapple tea, coconut & berry flavors for a smooth, crisp drink we call Razzberry Frost.

Cosmic stardust

Alani Nu Cosmic Stardust makes us think of candy! Think tangy and sweet with a little kick of sour, almost like a bite of Spree, Sour Skittles or Sweet Tarts. If you’re a loaded tea fan, this is very similar to Rainbow Candy with a pop of Strawberry Lemonade. We paired it with raspberry tea and everyone’s favorite flavor, pina colada, for our Interstellar!

Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Alani Nu Hawaiian Shaved Ice has more of a tart strawberry kick than we were expecting. If you like sour, this would be the one to try first. We paired it with watermelon tea, cherry and pineapple for our fruity Gobstopper.

Other Drink Mix Options

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