Latest stories

  • OOTD

    My kinda OOTD

  • Bid Day

    Bid Day in 3..2..1.. 🤞💌🎉

  • Rush Week

    Happy Rush Week! 🎀🫶🏻✨

  • Open House

    Bonus Points & Gold Stars for everyone! 🌟💯

  • Hall Monitor

    No runnin’ in the hallways…✋📢🚶

  • Ms. Frizzle

    Seat belts, everyone! 👩🏻‍🦰🚌🦎

  • Class Clown

    Where do bananas go to learn? Sundae school. 😜🤡😂

  • Spirit Day

    We’ve got spirit. Yes, we do! 🎀👏🏻📣🎉🤸🏼‍♀️

  • Red Rover

    Red Rover, Red Rover. Send all the caffeine on over! 🏃💨

  • Struggle Bus

    First stop – loaded tea! 🚌🎒📢

  • Pep Rally

    Crank that School Spirit up to a TEN!

  • Recess

    My favorite subject was always R E C E S S

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