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Energy Mix Comparison Pt. 2

Energy Mix Comparison PT. 2

Since we did our first Energy Mix Comparison, we have continued to get questions about the many energy mixes on the market. Also, we have been seeing more and more of these mixes in stores and advertised, especially on TikTok. The closest comparable to Herbalife’s Liftoff is the 4C Energy Rush drink mix. It checks all the boxes and is by far the most affordable option, which is why we use it in our loaded tea recipes.

Let’s Talk Energy!

Many of our followers have had a difficult time finding the 4C Energy Rush and some simply do not like it. So, we decided to taste, analyze and compare some of the most popular energy mixes on the market in our first Energy Mix Comparison, which can be found here — Energy Mix Comparison – Silver Lining Lessons.

This article will break down and rate even more options – Let’s Go!


Purchased from Amazon

Review: Get it! Tastes great!

Voost: This product has been all over TikTok lately, so we had to give it a try. 

Best for: Anyone looking for an alternative to powder or liquid energy mixes. 

What we liked: This product has a very “clean” taste that is mild and isn’t overly sweet. You can drink it alone or mixed with other flavors.

What we didn’t like: They currently only make one flavor of the energy variety – peach mango. 

SLL’s Take: Great taste, great price, and easy to find on Amazon. The other varieties would also work well for caffeine-free drinks.

Berocca BOOST

Purchased from Amazon

Review: Great taste, ok price.

Berocca Boost: This product has been around a long time, but only recently been made available on Amazon.

Best for: Those concerned with taste and not price.

What we liked: Probably the best tasting energy tablet we have ever tried.  This product also has the same caffeine profile as a Lift Off tablet.

What we didn’t like: Just a little too expensive and a lack of flavor variety.

SLL’s Take: We wanted to give this product a 10/10 but the price and lack of availability brought its overall rating down. 

Morning Buzz

Purchased from Amazon

Review: No, just no.

Morning Buzz: This product has been sitting in our cart for a while. I wish I had left it there.

Best for: Anyone who has run out of absolutely everything else and is in a bind.  

What we liked: Nothing.

What we didn’t like: The taste. It’s like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth.

SLL’s Take: There are too many other good options out there to waste your money on this product. It tastes bad, smells bad, and it isn’t even carbonated. 

Strike force

Purchased from Amazon

Strike Force: The only liquid option we have tried thus far. 

Best for: A high caffeine liquid option.

What we liked: It has a really high caffeine content and mixes well.

What we didn’t like: It’s not carbonated and is a little too strong on the taste. Because its liquid, you can’t really save any remaining product if you split the pack.

SLL’s Take: This product looks and tastes like a Redline Energy Shot. 


Purchased from Amazon

Review: Randomly stumbled upon this product. Would definitely buy again.

Neuriva: It has a unique name and packaging, and the taste is amazing. 

Best for: Anyone who loves cherry limeade. 

What we liked: Taste and caffeine content. It also packs a lot of vitamins and dissolves well.

What we didn’t like: It only comes in one flavor and can be hard to find.

SLL’s Take: If you just really want to try something new and love cherry limeade, give it a shot.


As you can see, there are quite a few energy mix products available, each with their own pros and cons. We find it important to factor into our rankings the cost and availability, which is important to our followers. In summary, we still believe the 4C Energy Rush drink mix is the closest dupe of Herbalife’s Liftoff. You can read our earlier research and comparison of these two products.

If you come across any energy mix products that we haven’t used or reviewed yet, make sure to shoot us an email or reach out on our social media platforms. You might just see it in our next set of comparisons!

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