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The Ultimate Herbalife Liftoff Dupe

You’ve probably walked right by the boxes of 4C Energy Rush at your local Walmart a million times.

The Ultimate Herbalife Liftoff Dupe

If you’re familiar with the popular loaded teas, you already know that almost all of them are made using Herbalife products. One of the main ingredients is their Liftoff tablet, which comes in four flavors – orange, lemon-lime, pomegranate-berry, and tropical fruit.

The Liftoff Dupe

On the quest to make our version of these loaded teas at home for less than $1 per drink, we have stumbled upon a real hidden treasure. We’ve been so excited to share this find with y’all, but we wanted to do our research first. The good news — it’s absolutely the real deal.

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4C Energy Rush is the ultimate Herbalife Liftoff Dupe!

You’ve probably walked right by the boxes of 4C Energy Rush at your local Walmart a million times. I know I have! It was just sitting there waiting to be discovered, and it does not disappoint.

It comes in three flavors – Citrus, Berry, and Orange. Sound familiar? These lightly carbonated mixes give you the fizz and flavor that you’ve come to love in a loaded tea. Let’s look at how it stacks up against Liftoff’s main components. (Feel free to do your own research and comparison.)

Let’s Talk Cost

A box of 10 Herbalife Liftoff tablets is gonna run you $22.10 if you buy it direct and slightly more if you go the Amazon route. The 4C Energy Rush is only $3.84 for a box of 18.

The best part is that you only need 1/2 packet, so you can make 36 teas with one box of 4C Energy Rush. That’s only 10 CENTS per tea!!

I looked right over this stuff so many times, because the caffeine content is not labeled on the box. However, if you go to the manufacturer’s website, each packet contains 170 mg. of caffeine and no aspartame!

You may have noticed that the 4C Energy Rush doesn’t have a tropical flavor like the Liftoff, but we’ve found that you can just combine 1/4 of the citrus and 1/4 of the orange to make tropical.

I’ve already played with a ton of recipes using this dupe and have had plenty of taste testers — it’s gotten a 10/10 rating.

For those of you who can’t find the 4C Energy Rush in your local stores, you can find it on Amazon for just under $6, making the price per serving around 16 cents, which is still a huge savings.

And that, my friends, is the tea!

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    • Hi Sonya,

      The most I use is 1/2 tsp. A full tsp is 65mg of caffeine. So for me it just depends on what type of tea I’m using and how much caffeine I want in my drink. For instance, a green tea powder will have less caffeine than a black tea powder. The good part of using the guarana powder is that it provides that natural caffeine and the absorption/release rate is longer. This helps prevent any type of caffeine crash and gives you extended energy from your loaded tea!

  1. Hey Jana,
    Have you found a product for cucumber flavored drinks? One of my favorites is “Spa Day” which is a cucumber lemonade. I have tried cucumber concentrate drops which were disappointing. Was thinking of buying cucumber powder.

  2. Can you help me figure out how to do the very berry tea with a lift off? She told me it’s sweeter than the mixed berry tea. I know I do stuff to help me keep me from getting dehydrated and a lift off and aloe but not sure how much of what or how to make it. Plus I even do a blackberry lemonade tea lift off..
    Please help me with a recipe plz my email is [email protected]. thanks for your time.

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