Fatherhood Suits You


Fatherhood suits you.

You are the calming presence they need when it’s been a long day, but you can also be the stern voice that gets their attention when things get too wild.

Yours were the only arms our girl wanted when she couldn’t fall asleep in her early years, and your side of the bed is straight where our early-rising boy went.

That baby carrier was attached to you all over town, and it looked so natural.

When they need help with a project, you’re ready. Halloween costumes are your jam! Homemade gifts are your time to shine.

When our boy is too scared to go alone, you grab his hand and lead the way.

You’re the dad who sets up a full-on Barbie Couture Fashion Show and then shows up to the living room in a crop top. All to make our girl laugh.

The one who stays up late watching cooking videos, plans the meals and then plates them to perfection. A true hero who keeps us fed! *chef’s kiss*

The dad who buys a bike so you can ride with them, not just watch from the sidewalk.

The kind who gets out in the yard fully dressed in cleats and gear to actually show them how to play soccer.

You never complain or make it seem like a chore. Nope! You jump right in and give it your all.


The best of the best.

One hundred percent at all times.

Make the most of every moment.

The dad of all dads.

You were made to be their dad.


Fatherhood suits you.


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