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The Great Shakedown: Part 2

If you read The Great Shakedown Part 1, you already know that the "nutrition shops" claim their shakes are low calorie, low carb, and a healthy meal replacement option. Now, we know this doesn't appear to be true in most of these shops.

I'm not going to make any of those claims. Instead, I'm here to provide you with a dupe that is as close in nutritional value and taste as possible using budget friendly products available at your local grocery stores.

Now that we've gone over the shake problems, it's time to provide you with a solution. 

How the dupe stacks up against the original

I chose not to use any soy based protein powders, because they seemed to leave a chalky taste. Below is a comparison of our dupe products and those used in the Herbalife shakes.

The Results

At first glance, you may be thinking the dupe doesn’t have as many calories, which would be important for a meal replacement option. You would be right. However, this was done by design to build in space to add the flavor components  and still provide you with a low calorie and low carb shake. If you remember in Part 1 where I made the Waffle House hash brown comparison, then you will see here how I was able to give you the base (the “hash browns”) and still add in the flavors (the “toppings”) without completely misrepresenting the nutritional value.


The recipes and nutritional information you’ll find here using our dupes include everything put into the shakes, even the flavorings. Any toppings or decorations you want to add for flavor or appearance are optional and would need to be calculated separately. 


We found the dupe products listed here and in the Shake Master List at our local Walmart stores. If you have availability issues, below are some of the other products we tested and how they stack up.

Now, on to the shakes!

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Hey y'all, I'm jana

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