Pretty N Pink (Specialty Drink)

As always, these recipes don't require any pricey products or supplements and all come in for LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR per tea!

Remember that you can add instant tea powder and guarana powder into any tea as your caffeine/energy component. It will not alter the flavor of your tea, but it will give you a clean, high quality form of caffeine without the extra additives found in some of the other mixes. We use the TEAki Hut and Alovitox brands because of their outstanding quality and reasonable prices.


85 mg caffeine, 112.5 calories, 9g carbs, 17g protein, 2g collagen, $2.17


  • 1/2 pack 4C Energy Rush – Berry
  • 1 pack Health Wise wild berry drink mix
  • 1 pack Great Value strawberry lemonade with collagen
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1 thought on “Pretty N Pink (Specialty Drink)”

  1. Hey girl…first let me tell you I LOVE YOU for doing this! My BFF drinks the Pretty in Pink and she kept telling my at home version was off…I bought a dry one to kinda see what I was missing and discovered it was the pomegranate liftoff. So now I use a 4C cran pomegranate or the pure kick energy black cherry pomegranate from the dollar general! And that seemed to have solve her taste issue! Again, thank you so much!

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