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Alani Nu Energy Drink Rankings and Review

With their boldly colored cans and eye-catching names, it’s hard to miss the Alani Nu energy drinks!

Alani Nu Energy Drink Rankings and Review

Alani Nu Energy Drinks

With their boldly colored cans and eye-catching names, it’s hard to miss the Alani Nu energy drinks! They definitely deserve an A+ when it comes to marketing and creativity. It’s no surprise that you see these drinks all over social media, especially with the college crowd.

The drinks pack 200 mg of caffeine with 0 sugar. They are low calorie and low carb, making them a good alternative to soda or sugary energy drinks.

This is our honest rankings and review of the 11 flavors of Alani Nu we were able to find locally. Bottoms up!



Cherry Slush

This was way too overpoweringly cherry! It tasted similar to cherry flavored medicine.

1 star


Blue Slush

Very sweet blue raspberry! It tasted like one of those Little Hug fruit barrel drinks from my childhood.

1.5 stars



This is giving tart blue raspberry. It isn’t my personal vibe, but you will probably like it if you typically enjoy blue raspberry!

2 stars


Cosmic Stardust

This is fruity and strong on the grape taste. The best way I can describe it is like eating a handful of Skittles.

3 stars


Witch’s Brew

It’s a crisp and strong green apple flavor. I didn’t get any caramel notes, but it was really good!

3 stars


Dream Float

This one is sweet with hints of cream. Tastes very much like an orange cream soda!

3.5 stars


Watermelon Wave

It made me think of a watermelon wine cooler, which happen to be two of my favorite things.

4 stars



I tasted mostly pineapple and watermelon flavors with a candy feel. Like eating Smarties!

4.3 stars



Very true to the name! The strongest flavor was orange, and it’s major brunch vibes.

4.5 stars


Arctic White

I was so surprised by how much I loved this drink! It’s light and citrusy with an overall limeade flavor. Just imagine Sierra Mist and White Powerade had a love child.

5 stars



Hawaiian Shaved Ice

My top pick! It’s tropical and fruity but not too sweet. The main flavor coming through is strawberry, which made me think of a less sweet version of a strawberry Fanta.

5 stars

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