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What is Tropical 4C?

The term “Tropical 4C” is something we created here in the SLL kitchen

What is tropical 4C?

If you’ve seen loaded tea recipes floating around showing “Tropical 4C” as an ingredient and wondered what that means, let me tell you a little story of how it started.

The term “Tropical 4C” is something we created here in the SLL kitchen.  First, we discovered that 4C Energy Rush was the dupe for Herbalife’s Liftoff. When we started using it in our loaded tea recipes, there were three flavors available – Citrus, Orange, and Berry. Keep in mind that we were creating all of this with no road map. It had never been done before. We noticed that some of the packaging and listings online showed a Strawberry flavor, but none of the boxes we purchased ever had that flavor. Wanting to perfect the dupe for the tropical-flavored Liftoff, we reached out to 4C Foods and were informed that the strawberry had been discontinued.

Still determined to find the perfect tropical dupe, we experimented with every combination of the available 4C Energy Rush flavors. Let me just tell y’all that the Berry + Citrus and Berry + Orange combos do not play well together at all – so gross! However, the Orange + Citrus combo was the perfect dupe for tropical Liftoff.

We began using the Orange + Citrus duo in all of our tropical-based loaded tea recipes. Now, you can look on social media and see a whole space that’s been created for loaded tea dupes since we introduced it to the world. It really is amazing to have had a front-row seat! Next time you see a tea that says “Tropical 4C” or the explanation that “Tropical 4C is equal parts orange and citrus mixed,” just remember that all roads lead back to the Silver Lining Lessons kitchen.

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The SLL Liftoff Dupes

  • 4C Energy Rush Orange = Orange Liftoff
  • 4C Energy Rush Citrus = Lemon Lime Liftoff
  • 4C Energy Rush Berry = Pomegranate Liftoff
  • 4C Energy Rush Citrus + 4C Energy Rush Orange = Tropical Liftoff
  • 4C Energy Rush Citrus OR Berry + 1/4 tsp. blackberry drink mix = Blackberry Spark Liftoff
  • 4C Energy Rush Citrus + 1/4 tsp. pineapple drink mix = Pineapple Push Liftoff

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