WaterTok: The Viral TikTok Trend of Flavored Water


The Viral TikTok Trend of Flavored Water

If you have scrolled through the For You Page on your TikTok recently, it has likely been filled with the latest trend – flavored water! Packets of drink mix and flavor enhancers have been around for a long time, but their popularity has rapidly grown, primarily on TikTok, over the last several months. The hashtag #flavoredwater skyrocketed to 314 million views, and the hashtag  #watertok has hit 85 million views.

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What’s all the Buzz?

Flavored water sounds innocent and simple enough to avoid any type of controversy, but a trip through some of the comments sections shows an entirely different side of this trend. Comments like, “so many chemicals lol” and “Red dye 40 moms would probably have a stroke” are scatted throughout. Some users go even further with comments of “cancer water” and “the Earth is dying because of s–t like this.” A comment to one creator, who happens to be a teacher, read “the fact that you teach other people is insaneee.”

Many outlandish medical claims and in-your-face pushing of discount codes resulted in comments about the parallels to tactics used by multi-level marketing companies. They’re not entirely wrong. While this trend has seen its fair share of controversy, creators like @keelylindler and @lifewithjaycup have managed to find ways to spread joy and rise above the negativity while sharing fun content with their followers.

@keelylindler, who set the Watertok trend into viral motion recently, has quickly become the face of it all. With over 180,000 followers, her platform shines a light on the teaching community with her bubbly and welcoming demeanor. You can find clip after clip of her mixing up a new drink in her classroom or chatting over her lunch break as she tries various flavor combinations like Nerds Ocean Water or Peach Ring Water. Watching her is like being on a FaceTime call with your best friend.


Another TikToker, @lifewithjaycup, is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face no matter what kind of day you’re having. Whether he is rolling the dice or spinning the wheel to decide which flavor combination to mix up for his over 26,000 followers, he will leave you with a laugh and a healthy dose of inspiration.


The aesthetics are on point with @caliwonderland. The Stanley cups all in line and the syrups perfectly placed make her hydration station a WaterTok dream for her nearly 10,000 followers. She also shares helpful tips, like how to mix and carry your skinny syrups on-the-go.


Watertok meets Loaded Teas

For many of our followers in the loaded tea space, drink mixes and water enhancers have been part of our daily lives for years. The hashtag #loadedtea has garnered over 105 million views, and #loadedteasathome reaching over 55 million.

Here at Silver Lining Lessons, we couldn’t think of a better way to join in on the WaterTok fun than recreating flavored water versions of some of our signature flavor combinations and loaded tea recipes like Rainbow Candy, Shockwave (Baja Blast flavored), Mountain Dupe (Mountain Dew flavored) and Mexican Lollipop with Tajin. Realistically, any one of our loaded teas or many flavor combinations can be made into a basic flavored water, which is great for those who prefer no caffeine.

Whether you’re enjoying the simplicity of flavored water or you choose to step it up with our loaded teas, grab a big cup and let’s all have fun while the WaterTok trend is hot.


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