The Ultimate Herbalife Beverage Mix Dupe

Even though we’ve made our way through dupes for the Liftoff, NRG, tea concentrate, aloe, collagen and flavor mixes, our inbox has still been blowing up with requests for the popular Specialty Drinks.

First, let’s talk about what makes these Specialty Drinks so special. They are simply energy drinks, without the tea component, that contain added protein, collagen and biotin. They range from about 105 to 115 calories and pack 17 grams of protein. 

This line of drinks include some of the most popular ones such as:

  • Pretty N Pink
  • Jimmy Buffett
  • Southern Belle

The Specialty Drinks are also the most expensive options, ranging anywhere from $8 to $12. Some people are paying even more than that for ONE of these drinks.

The unique ingredient in all of these Specialty Drinks is the Herbalife Beverage Mix. It comes in two flavors, wild berry and peach mango, and provides the extra 15 grams of protein. A canister of each mix will run you about $35 for 14 servings if ordered online. You’ll be told you can get it cheaper by ordering directly through a distributor, but let’s be real – nobody wants to deal with that. 

We knew there had to be a dupe out there that could give y’all these specialty drinks, and I’m so excited to share that we found it! Once again, this is the real deal.

Health Wise Fruit Drink Mix is the Ultimate Herbalife Beverage Mix Dupe!

Let’s Talk Ingredients

It comes in the EXACT SAME two flavors as the beverage mix, making it possible to dupe every single Specialty Drink! Not only are the flavors the same, but the contents are nearly identical.  At this point I’m really beginning to wonder why anyone would ever need to step foot in a “nutrition” tea shop again.

Let’s Talk Cost

I ordered a seven-pack box of the Health Wise mix from Amazon for $11.56. Each packet makes one drink, ringing in at $1.65 per serving. When you factor in the savings we’ve already shared from the other dupes, you can make a Specialty Drink at home for roughly $2.00.

We’re coming for the whole menu now!

We’ve  experimented with the most popular flavor combinations and this dupe is legit.

You can find these Health Wise drink mixes linked here in my Silver Lining Lessons Amazon Shop.

**The links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.


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51 thoughts on “The Ultimate Herbalife Beverage Mix Dupe”

      1. Can you please do a hasselhoff dupe I believe it’s a specialty tea I know it has wild Berry as the base but also has coconut! I’d forever be grateful 😩🙌🏼❤️

    1. When I looked at Amazon the wild berry was 16 dollars for only 7 packets. That’s quite expensive for such a little amount.

      1. Hi Jessica! It’s $16 now. I purchased it Aug 2nd on Amazon for $11.56. When a large volume of orders occurs, some companies increase their prices on Amazon. It’s still available on plenty of other sites for $12 dollars. At that current Amazon price, your specialty teas would increase by $0.63 per tea. Still coming in at under $3. If you have a substitute at a lower price, feel free to share.

        1. I wish I had grabbed it at that price! $15.99 for 7 servings makes it a little more per serving than the Herbalife brand. Thanks for the dupe though!

          1. Hi,

            The actual Amazon seller has it listed on their direct website for $13.39.
            They also offer a liquid for by Bariatrix for $13.39.

            Another alternative is – they list this beverage mix for $12.49

  1. Howdy,
    I make your amazing teas every morning for my husband and I. They are yummy and affordable now. We were going to a local shop and paying $10-$12 a tea for each of us a day. Talk about pricey! I stumbled across your page on TikTok and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Do you happen to know anything about the HL product ProLessa? I believe it’s a fat burner component that I’m having problems finding a dupe for. It’s used on a popular drink called the Bikini Bomb-wild berry. If you have any luck could you share please!

    Thank you and 👍
    Kim Q.

    1. Hi Kim! Great question! We have been looking at that product for a while and have found something close. But we are trying to find the one we think everyone can easily find and not have to order if possible. But the donut shot dupe recipe is ready to go when we finally decide!

  2. Have you made a blog post or Tik Tok explaining the measurements for each product? I know you say 1/4 or 1/2 pack often, but do you have an exact measurement?

    1. Hi Gen!

      That’s a good point. I really should do that for everyone to clear it up. I think I’ve just tested out so many recipes and packets that I just know them by heart. I’ll try to put something together for everyone!

    2. I actually measured out the packets. The 4c is 2 tsp per packet so the math on that is easy. What gets tricky are the add-ins. Most of them are just 1 tsp, give it take. I took the most common flavors and put in a small jar so that I can just measure them out and not have packets everywhere.

      1. Please email me! I have a lot of questions! I am currently an Herbalife distributor and I am terribly discouraged by their service and products. They have been absolutely awful. Please help!

  3. I came across your tictok page and my daughter, son in law and myself are hooked on them every day. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Hi there do you have printable lists to go off of? Or do i need to make my own from each posting? Also will you ever do the shakes from the shops also?


    1. Hi Angie!

      Sorry for the late reply! I’m struggling to keep up on every platform. I’m going to start putting printable recipe cards up for each post and recipe card. I’m working on getting that done now. And yes! The shakes are coming very soon 🙂

  5. There a drink called the Mercedes its a tropical lift off mango strawberry raspberry combination I have never been able to duplicate its a specialty drink..please help me figure this one out!! Thank you so much 💓

  6. I love the HL tigers blood. Would I just use the 4c berry packet in place of the liftoff then use the fruit punch and strawberry lemonade packs like you do for the HL?

  7. Any suggestions on how to get the Wild Berry packet to dissolve completely? It never did dissolve and wanted to settle on the bottom of the cup? I found the drink to be gritty/caulky

  8. Hi! Thanks for helping us all out! Did you see that there is also a variety pack of the Health Wise beverage packets? “Each variety fruit drink box contains, Wild Berry, Cran Grape, Grapefruit, Lemon Razzy, Pineapple Orange, Strawberry-Kiwi” (From Amazon Listing)

  9. I love your dupe teas! And I was so excited to order these, and when I did, I was so excited to make one of the specialty drinks! When I got them, I realized they are considered a weight loss drink, I’m currently breastfeeding. I can’t find any information saying not to use this while breastfeeding but wasn’t sure if you came across any information about it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Amanda! Sorry for the late reply, trying to catch up! I’m not sure on that info and don’t want to provide you with any incorrect medical advice. I wouldn’t consider the teas a weight loss drink though, that’s more for the meal replacement shakes. The teas are more about focus, energy, and caffeine. The specialty teas with protein powder provide more carbs and calories if you want to lean towards them.

  10. I purchased the tiki black tea powder. How do you keep it from turning your drink brown? I believe I only using 1/8 tsp with the 4c in hot water. It dramatically alters the color every time.

  11. Hey Jana! Thank you again for all of your hard work. I am loving the Pretty in Pink, however I had ordered some more of the Health Wise Wild Berry and it had not gotten here yet, so I substituted the Health Wise Grape in my drink. OMG!!! It was soooo good as well. Just wanted to share with the group in case you run out of something, try a flavor that might be close. You might be pleasantly surprised!

    1. Hello! I love your recipes! Any chance you have one for the Jack Frost? I know it has blue raspberry and coconut but not sure how much or what other ingredients? Thank you!

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