Strawberry Spritzer

As always, these recipes don't require any pricey products or supplements and all come in for LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR per tea!

Remember that you can add instant tea powder and guarana powder into any tea as your caffeine/energy component. It will not alter the flavor of your tea, but it will give you a clean, high quality form of caffeine without the extra additives found in some of the other mixes.

This Immunity Drink uses Ener-C, which is very similar to the 4C Energy Rush without the caffeine. It’s packed with vitamins, electrolytes and contains only 5g of sugar with no artificial sweeteners.

In flavors like orange, cranberry, raspberry, coconut pineapple, orange tangerine and lemon lime, you will be able to really play around with Ener-C in your favorite drinks. There’s also a sugar-free version!

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132 mg caffeine, 37.5 calories, 93 cents

4C Energy Rush – Citrus

Waka green tea powder

Ener-C Raspberry drink mix

Skittles Tropical strawberry starfruit drink mix 

Clear American strawberry & cream sparkling water

Regular Aloe Vera Juice

black kenyan instant tea

WakA Discount code: silverlining

15% off everything on waka coffee's website

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