Word for the Year 2021: FORWARD

Here we are on the last day of 2020. The year that came totally out of left field and shook us up in every way imaginable. We learned how to love each other from afar. We learned how to Zoom. We cut our own hair and kicked a ton of bad habits to the curb. We binge watched all of Netflix, finished the puzzles, made the banana bread. More than anything else, we just stayed home.


We adapted. We grew. We learned. WE MADE IT.


We had to be ready and willing to change, and we not only changed but we grew and made room for the new. We were pushed and challenged, but we passed the test. When faced with the scary and unknown, we overcame our fears and realized our inner strength. There were ups and downs, gains and losses, but we made it to the end of 2020. While I am beyond proud of us, I am so ready for a little bit more boring in the new year.


My word for 2021: FORWARD

As we say good riddance to all that was 2020, we must ask ourselves what we see for our new year. I find power in words and manifestations that I can speak into myself and my life. My word for 2021 is FORWARD.

  • Onward so as to make progress toward a successful conclusion
  • Direct, outspoken, and not evasive

I’m ready to move forward and be the most honest, real, and transparent version of myself in the new year. Let’s go and be forward in 2021. Cheers, friends!

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