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Wolf River Water

Flavored Water Recipe 🍍🍓☀️

SLL Flavored Waters

  • All ingredients listed in ounces are Jordan’s Skinny Syrups unless otherwise stated.
  • Most drink mix packets contain about 1 teaspoon of powder. For purposes of these flavored water combinations, 1 full packet is 1 teaspoon; 1/2 packet is 1/2 teaspoon; and 1/4 packet is 1/4 teaspoon.
  • Mixing all powdered ingredients in a small amount of hot/warm water before adding ice or cold water provides better results.
  • All of these combinations are made for a 32 oz. cup. You may want to add more if using a larger sized cup, or less if using a smaller cup.

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Hey y'all, I'm jana

Hey y'all, I'm jana

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