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5 Valentine's Day Date Night In ideas

When you are budgeting and trying to live the frugal life, holidays can be quite a challenge. You want to shower your partner with gifts that show your love but not break the bank. Like, I would love to give my husband a top-of-the-line Rolex, but my budget is more in the Timex range.

It's easy to get caught up in pretty flowers, fancy chocolates, and expensive jewelry, but just how much does it all cost you?

Wow, that’s a lot of money! It sounds crazy that much could be spent until you stop and really think about it. A nice dinner out for two can easily cost over $100, and that’s before you add in any presents.


I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spend a night in with my honey than blow our hard-earned money on material things. Some of the best dates we’ve ever had were at home, just the two of us.


Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to write off celebrating Valentine’s Day altogether. There are so many ways to create a free or low-cost date night in the comfort of your own home. Bonus – you can stay in your comfy sweats (or yoga pants if you’re me) and eat as much as you want!

Here are 5 creative and cheap ways to enjoy Valentine's Day at home!

1. Curl up & watch a movie

Probably the most obvious and popular choice, but who doesn’t love a good movie? Pop some popcorn, grab your favorite bottle of wine, settle in and relax!

These are my Top 10 Netflix V-Day Picks:

1.  All The Bright Places

2.  About Time

3. Silver Linings Playbook

4. Set It Up

5. Someone Great

6. Loving

7. Our Souls At Night

8. Airplane Mode

9. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

10. Blue Jay


2. Live Virtual Experiences

You’re probably wondering, “What is a live virtual experience?” I thought the same thing. These are events that are livestreamed from all over the world and provide an interactive atmosphere. Think front-row seat feel from the comfort of your couch. Hello! Yes, please.


These are a few that we are excited to try:


Yaymaker – Most of these events run 1-2 hours at $15 per person, and these are some that caught my eye.

  • Friends-themed cocktail class and trivia night
  • Vow renewal
  • Cookie baking and cocktail class

Airbnb – These mostly run an hour and offer a very large selection.

  • Introductory Tango class from Argentina
  • Boozy drag queen bingo (YAS!!)
  • Mexican street tacos with a pro-chef straight from Mexico

3. Game Night

Games are a fun, low-cost way to make the most of your night in. There are tons of two player options to keep you busy. You probably already have your favorite, but these are some of my top picks.

  • Box of Lies (as seen on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon) – We found this one at our local Five Below for $5!
  • Would You Rather Jenga – This is a DIY. Simply grab a knock-off Jenga from The Dollar Store, write any WYR question on the blocks, and ta-da!
  • 5 Second Rule – A quick moving and thinking game that pairs well with wine.

4. Try to break a Guinness World Record

The possibilities are absolutely unlimited with this one! Head over to the Guinness World Records website and see which one you think you can beat! Here are some I might try.

  • Most socks put on one foot in one minute – Current record: 52
  • Most marshmallows eaten in one minute – Current record: 25
  • Longest paperclip chain in 30 seconds – Current record: 58

If you don’t see any you want to attempt, the videos on their site are very interesting, too!

5. Quizzes/Trivia

There are tons of trivia videos on YouTube and online quizzes galore! We spend hours going heads-up at everything from pop culture to history to entertainment. I laugh until I cry at my husband’s pronunciation blunders, and he pokes fun at my lack of movie knowledge. These are some of our favorite sites.

If you’ve read all these options and still can’t decide what to do, let The Wheel decide for you! Really, just click the link, select a category, and let the wheel decide. Mine landed on “hone a new skill.” Good thing it didn’t land on “prepare a gourmet dinner.”


What is your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day date night in?

**The links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

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