Home Life [there’s no place like] Home for the Holidays

[there's no place like] home for the holidays

We knew celebrating the holidays this year would be very different, but we were determined to make the most of it.

Halfway through December and our Christmas spirit was hitting record highs!

Our expectations were completely blown out of the water. Not only did we make the best of a less than ideal situation, but we ended up having the most magical and special time of our lives. Seriously!


First on the agenda was Thanksgiving. Y’all know by now that I’m a food gal, and Thanksgiving dinner is my bread and butter. We replaced the traditional turkey with chicken and waffles, put no limits on the rolls and mashed potatoes, and we even blasted Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” instead of the usual dinner jams in the background. While our table looked much different, the level of gratitude was at an all-time high. Friends, I even got to wear my Lulu’s and go for seconds with nobody to judge. It was beautiful and indulgent and so very delicious!


As soon as we recovered from the food coma and cleaned the kitchen, up went the tree and so started our mission to watch every Christmas movie we could find (for free, of course!). I stocked up on popcorn and snacks and turned our living room into a comfy blanket theater. We made our way through The Christmas Chronicles and took a trip down memory lane with Kevin McAllister. I went from never seeing a single Hallmark movie to watching a new one every night. There is something so comforting in the predictability and cheesiness that brought me so much peace.


Halfway through December and our Christmas spirit was hitting record highs! I even got matching pajamas for the whole family, which was a first. We indulged and just went for it. We made and decorated cookies (so many cookies!) and gingerbread houses and homemade hot chocolate. We stayed up all night when Taylor Swift surprised the world with her second album and then another documentary. What more can you really ask for? It played on repeat for weeks around this house, and we were so inspired that we made our own T-Swift themed ornaments. If you can’t tell, we are super fans!

Then came the main event - The First Annual Christmas Eve Extravaganza.

Round One started with a marathon of board games and more laughs than you would believe. Round Two was Crazy Gift Madness. We are trivia and game fanatics, so we put together our custom version of Weakest Link, added in some silly Minute to Win It games, and meshed that with our take on the White Elephant gift exchange. It was pure hysterics and left us with memories that we will never forget. The kids were immediately making plans for next year’s Extravaganza. I think they enjoyed it more than Christmas morning!


We still sat down for a traditional Christmas dinner, mostly because I don’t miss any excuse for a good meal, but we did it nonetheless. We Facetimed our family and could feel the love even from afar. We stayed in our pajamas for days and had not a single place to be or a time to be kept. It was the most cliché, over-the-top, simple, enjoyable Christmas we could have ever dreamed up. It was pure magic!

Yas, Queen!

We wanted to end on a high note, but we weren’t sure how to top all of the Christmas excitement. That was until our daughter invited us to her Barbie Couture Fashion Show. Of course, we said YAS QUEEN! When I say we really took our invitation seriously, please remember we haven’t gotten out of the house in a long time. Any reason to get dressed up and attend an exclusive event is big news these days. The show was a big hit, and I’m still dying over my husband’s crop top and pet seal, Giovani (ultra rare Arctic seal, that is!).

Home for the holidays took on a whole life of its own this year, and I wouldn't have changed a single detail. There truly is no place like home!

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