Latest stories

  • Sour Grapes

    Some like it sour 🍊🍇

  • Cup of Cheer

    Have a holly, jolly Christmas 🔔🍊🎀

  • Open House

    Bonus Points & Gold Stars for everyone! 🌟💯

  • Hall Monitor

    No runnin’ in the hallways…✋📢🚶

  • Class Clown

    Where do bananas go to learn? Sundae school. 😜🤡😂

  • Livewire

    Mountain Dew Livewire inspired ✴️🥝⚡

  • Red Zone

    Y’all loved our Mountain Dew dupe so much that we had to bring you the Mountain Dew Code Red dupe, too!

  • Mountain Dupe

    Super excited to share this with y’all. It’s a sugar-free, loaded tea take on the very unique Mountain Dew flavor.