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Kid Friendly DIY Potpourri

You know we love a fun project, and we really enjoy our walks. The abundance of beautiful magnolia trees in our neighborhood inspired us to make our very own potpourri. Fun fact - the magnolia is also our state flower, which provided us the opportunity to discuss and learn a little bit about our state.

We collected the fallen magnolias along with other leaves and flowers. The fragrant red roses scattered along our neighbor’s sidewalk completed our collection. We found that it was important to find not only the best smelling flowers, but also complementary colors to make the mix even more beautiful. The kids both decorated brown paper sacks to store their finds as we went along over several days searching.


Once we had gathered the perfect combination, it was time to dry them out. We used our food dehydrator to speed up the process. This helps for kids who are impatient to see the result of their hard work. The food dehydrator worked its magic, and then we let the mix rest for about thirty minutes.

Blend of Louisianne

Then it was time for the most creative part – adding the scents! We used some essential oils that we already had – eucalyptus, lavender, apple pie, rose tea, vanilla and sweet orange. These blended very well with the natural scents of our flower findings.


The kids thought it was so cool to see their creation come to life. Since we found these in our very own neighborhood, which is named Louisianne, we called ours Blend of Louisianne. It was a neat gift to friends and family and a special addition to our home.

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