It’s Been a Lot of a Year

It’s been a lot of a year.

Early on, we didn’t know what to make of the chaos. Thoughts of “This is too much. Two whole weeks at home? How much more can we take?” filled our heads. Bless our hearts, we just didn’t know what we were in for, did we? The traffic halted and our minds raced. We watched Tiger King and made the banana bread, cut our kid’s hair and learned how to do grocery pick up. At some point, we realized this was going to be a lot.

We questioned. We learned We grew.

We questioned the norm, our friends, family, neighbors, and even ourselves. Conflicting information and differing opinions were at every turn. Our best was expected, but we were exhausted. Time seemed to creep as we tried to wrap our heads around it all. More than ever before, our limits were pushed. Our patience was stretched. Our characters were tested. We were being challenged, stripped, and reshaped.

As our lives were reimagined, we learned. Some of us lost loved ones, dealt with sickness, missed the simple company of friends, lost an income or an entire business. A year filled with unbelievable loss and suffering reminded us that change comes in the most uncomfortable places.

We grew. Slowly but surely, the uncertainty was replaced with confidence. Our capabilities and resilience rose to the surface. We jumped hurdles, educated ourselves, made time to listen and, of course, we Zoomed. So much Zoom, but we adapted.

So, yeah, it was more than we thought we could handle. This year was at times a terrible nightmare that we couldn’t escape. It was different emotions for us in many ways, but I hope we learned that we can do really hard things. In no way can we deny the absolute pain and grief this year has left behind, but I believe we have to see the great parts, too. It’s the best way I know to give meaning to the madness.

I questioned. I learned. I grew.

I questioned everything, learned how to enjoy the simple stuff, and I grew from the inside out. I’m not just talking about living in sweatpants and outgrowing my jeans. Being stuck at home went from a punishment to a sanctuary. It’s been like seeing my entire life in a whole new light. Things I had never noticed before are suddenly crystal clear.

I don’t have to fit a mold or keep up with anybody. I’m in my own lane, going at my own pace, doing my own thing. It’s nothing short of full-on freedom.

As the world is reopening around us, there are some parts of my new lifestyle that I won’t let go. The meaningful conversations and long walks to nowhere will stay front and center. Living with less agenda and more intention ain’t going anywhere. Listening to my gut and learning to be better will continue to carry us.

It was a lot of a year, and I hope there’s a lot more of the good stuff. So, how do we keep moving forward?

We question. We learn. We grow.

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