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Feels Like Home[school} to Me

If I could hit pause, I would somehow. But, then I did.

We were living too fast. Always running from one place to the next. Hurrying out the door in the morning and rushing to cram in homework, practice, baths and everything in between before bed. It was too fast.


The school years flew by. Another year gone, another grade passed. A million more words read and a hundred more trips to the treasure chest. It went by too fast.


If I could hit pause, I would somehow. But, then I did.


We slowed things way down. Started living for each day, not just the weekends. The whirlwind became the calm in the storm. We have more time than ever before.


As the summer came to an end and it was almost time for school to begin, I decided we were keeping the slow pace we had come to love. We traded in the rat race and turned our house into the classroom.


I never dreamed that I would be homeschooling my kids, like ever! It has been one of the best decisions for our family and we are truly enjoying learning as we go.

It feels like home[school] to me.

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Hey y'all, I'm jana

Hey y'all, I'm jana

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