Halloween: The Candy Corn Chronicles


Did you know that National Candy Corn Day is October 30th? It was estimated in 2019 that 35 million pounds of this popular Halloween treat are sold each year. To celebrate, we found several ways to learn, experiment, play and, of course, enjoy our fair share. Add a few bags to your grocery list and join the party!

We started by watching an informative episode of Food Network’s Unwrapped: How Candy Corn is Made that shows the unique history and cool production process, which left us wondering, “Who wouldn’t love candy corn?” This really interesting article breaks down the most popular Halloween candy in every state. In our home state of Louisiana, Lemon Heads lead the pack, selling 115,789 pounds. Wow! After seeing the many types of treats all over the country, we decided to taste and do our own candy comparison. I happily split all the leftovers with my husband. Extra M&M’s, please!

The unused candy corn was incorporated into this cool dissolving candy corn science experiment. Science lesson – check!

Last but certainly not least, my favorite candy corn trail mix! You can literally throw in any ingredients, mix it all up and BOO-m – the most perfect Halloween blend. I added in some of our favorite munchies from the snack cabinet this year. It is so pretty to display and makes the best snack on the go.

Enjoy and Happy National Candy Corn Day!


Which Halloween candy is your favorite?

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