Financial Fitness in 2021


You usually see people resolving to work on their physical fitness in the new year. They join a gym, buy new workout clothes, set big goals and change their diets. Well, what if I told you that your financial fitness is just as important as your physical fitness?

Just hear me out! The new year is the perfect time to take inventory of your personal finances, set new goals, and improve your financial knowledge. It’s like hitting reset, but that can be difficult if you don’t know where you fall in or where to place your focus. Here are some helpful statistics for 2020 to help you see where you fit:

If you’re worried about credit card debt, you are not alone! In 2020, the average balance owed on a single credit card was $5,897. As you know, many Americans have several cards. Don’t let high and/or multiple credit card balances deter you. Just like someone working on their physical fitness, you just have more to work off.

You’re also not alone if you are left wondering where your money goes every month! Did you know that 65% of households have no idea how much they spent last month? If you fall in this category, then restarting and resetting your financial fitness plan in 2021 is for you!

Now that you have seen some statistics and hopefully have an idea of where you fall in, it’s time to set your checklist for 2021. This will put you on a clear path to achieve your financial goals. If you are struggling with where to start and how to compile a realistic checklist, I have included mine to give you a jumping off point.

One of the goals on my checklist is to pick two monthly/yearly savings challenges. We are starting this year with $20 Fridays and hope to gain momentum as we go. Here are 6 easy money saving challenges to get you going:


Just like any other goal, the first step in your financial fitness plan is setting realistic goals specific to your situation.

Write those goals down! You may be surprised how much of a difference it makes to actually write it down. There is something very satisfying about seeing your checklist in black and white and being able to check those boxes off. Each goal accomplished is like seeing the pounds come off in the gym! Your hard work and commitment will translate in your finances if you have the right tools and stick to your plan.

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