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Back to basics: vitamins

Let's dive into some of the monthly savings that I touched on earlier in The Budget Meeting. We were able to free up almost $1,000 each month by carefully reviewing our expenses and editing some excess.

One major category that we trimmed was my monthly vitamin subscription.

It was fancy and trendy and just cool. I felt like a celebrity getting my personalized box in the mail each month with these cute packets. Each one had a motivational quote and was stamped with my name. They were precious. I was living large in all my D-List celebrity glory.

They were precious. I was living large in all my D-List celebrity glory.

When it came time to discuss slashing our expenses, I had to face the music. I was seriously overpaying for my VIP vitamins, and I had to forfeit my celebrity status. Blah! After researching and pricing comparable products, I decided to start ordering from Amazon. It was the most practical choice since I already have a Prime account and can order them all together.


The savings was over $38 each month in just this category alone. I was mostly concerned about losing the convenience of the pre-packaged daily supply. It made remembering and taking my vitamins quick and easy. I was afraid that not having it all right at my fingertips may hinder my daily routine since I was so used to grabbing the packet and popping my vitamins every morning without fail. Determined not to let this change my all-star record, I added a nifty little pill case to my cart. I was well on my way to becoming an E-List celebrity. That’s a thing, right

The Heavyweight Savings

The vitamins


Fancy Cost: $12/month

Slashed to $1.50/month


Fancy Cost: $7/month

Slashed to $2.23/month


Fancy Cost: $10/month

Slashed to $4.87/month


Fancy Cost: $8/month

Slashed to $2.61/month


Fancy Cost: $6/month

Slashed to $2.76/month


Fancy Cost: $9/month

Slashed to $5.32/month

Total Fancy Cost: $52

Slashed to $19.29

Savings of $32.71

Further savings

After cutting this expense by more than half, I later stopped taking the Aswagandha, resulting in a total monthly savings of $38.03. I was seriously shocked by how much we were able to save just by ordering them individually. I figured I was overpaying a little for the convenience and coolness of the subscription service, but I had no idea it was that much.


While I did have to turn in my back stage passes and forego celebrity status, I guess it's okay considering all the money I've saved.

Oh, and I haven’t missed a single day thanks to my handy-dandy case. I am still kicking around the idea of writing my kids’ names and a little joke on Ziploc bags to see if it would make them more excited to take their Flintstones every night. I’ll keep you posted.

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