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Loaded Tea Recipes – DIY

  If you are wondering how to make the trendy Herbalife loaded teas at home, this post is for you! If you’re looking to take an even deeper dive into saving money while still getting your energy fix, I’m going to show you how to make our version without Herbalife – The Frugal Loaded Tea.

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Loaded Teas: Are They Worth It?

  Loaded Teas are the hottest thing going. We’ve all seen the brightly colored drinks in clear cups labeled with cool names. Our friends on social media have been checking in at tea shops for the dollar discount and then telling us how much energy they have after gulping one down. In addition to the

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More Bang for Your Buck: Energy Drinks

  In tracking our spending, I realized my husband and I were wasting a ton to get our caffeine fix! Like, way too much! The daily Starbucks trips and gas station runs added up faster than you can shoot a 5-Hour Energy! I knew we had to cut it down, but my husband works the

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