Shake Tips

Tips for making shakes


- For the best consistency, blend the ice and water for a few seconds first before adding dry ingredients.

-If your shake is too thin, add more ice and blend until smooth.

- If your shake is to thick, add warm water to break up the ice and blend until smooth.

Meal Replacement/Protein Powder:

-Our recipes use a combination of a meal replacement shake and a whey protein powder. They were selected based on taste and nutritional value.

-If you already have protein powders, feel free to use them as substitutes.

Calories and Carbs:

- To increase calories and carbs, substitute a pudding mix in the place of any syrup when possible. Adding more pudding will lead to a thicker shake. Increase ice and water to even out consistency if necessary.

-To reduce calories and carbs, replace any pudding mix with a sugar free syrup option when possible.

Boost it:

-Add 1 tablespoon of guarana powder to any shake mix to add a boost of caffeine. We prefer Alovitox as our guarana powder of choice. Each tablespoon provides 65mg of all natural caffeine.

-Looking to add more protein? Add an unflavored protein powder with zero carbs to any shake recipe. Our protein powder of choice is Isopure Zerocarb.

If your looking for more tips or suggestions, be sure to check out the forum to see what others are discussing!

Y'all Enjoy!

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