Candidates, Maps & Votes: An Election Guide for Kids

With one of the most anticipated presidential elections, I was presented with the perfect opportunity to teach my kids about the voting process and the electoral college.

How to Become President - The video and printout get you started with an overview of the road to becoming president.

What is the Electoral College? - This link has an amazing FREE printable lapbook, including these informative cutouts explaining the electoral college. I simply glued the cutouts onto construction paper and paired it with a listing of the states and electoral votes.

Election Vocabulary - Test your knowledge of all things election with this list (and answer key for the parents! Phew!).

Electoral Vote Tracker - I printed an electoral votes map that we plan to shade in as the votes come in on election night.

Voter Registration - This super simple DIY voter registration and voter identification card was a big hit. The hands-on activity allowed us to discuss the importance of registering to vote when they turn 18.

If I Were President.... - The cutouts for this cute activity were found in the same FREE printable lapbook as the electoral college cutouts.

Win The White House - This was by far their favorite part of our election unit. The program is very user-friendly, interactive and extremely informative. You customize your campaign and hit the trail to earn votes and ultimately win the election. Very cool!

Virtual Tour of The White House - After learning all about the election and dreaming of being the president one day, the kids took a virtual tour of The White House.