A minivan? As if.

Like actually drive a minivan? Me? Ugh, as if!

Twenty years and two kids later, I pull up to a red light wearing my big sunglasses and blaring Post Malone, and for a brief moment, I totally forget that I'm captain of this minivan. I Am Shameless!

The need to be cool is so overrated. But let me tell you, minivans are where it's at - a whole world of cool that I never even knew existed.

Do you know what is cool? Sliding doors opening at the push of a button when you have a screaming toddler and a buggy full of groceries. That is cool!

For fun, I let the kids sit in the back seat. Like, the way back seat. Listen, you can't even hear them fighting back there if you crank your music way up. Can't. Even. Hear. Them. It's freedom. Super cool!

Don't even get me started on the cooler. As in a tiny fridge - inside the van. You guys, it's the perfect fit for one Lunchable, a tiny bottle of wine and a snack size Snickers. Beyond cool!

What I'm saying is that you can still be a total Betty, even in a minivan. You can still be rollin' with the (little) homies in all your glory.

Like actually drive anything other than a minivan? Me? Ugh, as if!