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peace during the pandemic

We traded in the fast pace and the fast food for meals at the table talking about simple things and tough stuff; cracking jokes and shedding tears.

We walked a million miles around the sidewalks of our neighborhood and learned a little bit more about ourselves through conversations along the way.


We bonded over The Babysitters Club and danced with The Goonies. Ate oatmeal cream pies for breakfast and ice cream after every dinner.


We woke up every day together, sometimes all piled on the same couch from the movie night before.


We worked on our tans and memorized every Captain Underpants episode. Found a renewed love for Barbie and sang every Taylor Swift song.


We pulled all the weeds from the flowerbeds and planted seeds of change in our hearts.


Other than losing track of time, the only things I have lost are a couple hundred rounds of Phase 10 and my desire to fit in.


Instead, I have realized what it means to live for something more than a jean size or other people’s opinions of me.

I found peace during the pandemic.

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Hey y'all, I'm jana

Hey y'all, I'm jana

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