More Ultimate Loaded Tea Dupes

First of all, let me just tell y’all how much fun I’m having over on  TikTok!

Like the most fun ever! I’m loving all of your posts and it makes my day seeing y’all tag me in all the pretty teas. I try to watch them all when I can, but y’all have made this girl VERY BUSY. Seriously loving every single minute of it.

We asked which loaded teas you wanted us to recreate on a budget, and y’all did not disappoint. Requests have flooded our inbox! So, we got to work coming up with even more recipes that will hit the spot and not drain your account.

As always, these recipes don’t require any pricey products or supplements and all come in for LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR per tea!

Remember that you can add instant tea powder and guarana powder into any tea as your caffeine/energy component. It will not alter the flavor of your tea, but it will give you a clean, high quality form of caffeine without the extra additives found in some of the other mixes. We use the TEAki Hut and Alovitox brands because of their outstanding quality and reasonable prices.

Our recipes using the 4C Energy Rush, tea powder and guarana powder are the closest thing to the teas you buy at the popular “nutrition clubs” and they are still less than $1 to make at home. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Don’t forget to check out all of our other recipes and get your FREE Loaded Tea Recipe eBook with some of our favorites!

Sweet Tart

185 mg caffeine, 19 calories, 63 CENTS

4C Energy Rush – Orange

TEAki Hut black tea powder

Starburst blue raspberry drink mix

Great Value cherry drink mix

Original Aloe

Blue Hawaiian
185 mg caffeine, 13 calories, 72 cents per serving

4C Energy Rush – Citrus

TEAki Hut black tea powder

Hawaiian Punch berry blue drink mix

Margaritaville pina colada drink mix

Orginal Aloe

Miami Vice
100 mg caffeine, 24 calories, 89 cents per serving

4C Energy Rush – Berry

Crystal Light raspberry green tea

Skittles strawberry drink mix

Margaritaville pina colada drink mix

Berry Aloe

Dragonfruit Margarita
175 mg caffeine, 17 calories, 83 cents per serving

True Lemon Energy dragonfruit strawberry drink mix

Great Value peach mango green tea packet

Margaritaville margarita packet

Cactus Water

Malibu Barbie
101 mg caffeine, 46 calories, 98 cents per serving

4C Energy Rush – Citrus

Alovitox guarana powder

Great Value strawberry lemonade with collagen packet

Margaritaville pina colada drink mix

Crush pineapple drink mix

Berry Aloe

Like I’ve said before, these DIY Loaded Teas are just another way you can enjoy the things you love and still stick to your budget!  


**The links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

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85 thoughts on “More Ultimate Loaded Tea Dupes”

    1. Hi! Yes, for the sharkbite- just look at my Captain America dupe (TikTok or the ebook) and replace the strawberry with cherry! It’ll either be 1/4 tsp or 1/2 teaspoon of cherry. I haven’t tasted it yet, but that should work. Try it and let me know!

          1. My local shop has an All Nighter! They told me that it’s grape, blue sweet tart, and lemon/lime but I’ve also been told there’s watermelon in it? Could you help me figure that one out? I love that I’ve discovered you!

      1. A dupe for Skinny Dippin please.
        So Happy I Found you!! My budget is as well. Thank you bunches!!

  1. Can you please show me how to make a sub for a goblet of Fire loaded tea with the 4C? The menu from the store says it’s pomberry liftoff, blue raspberry, blue blast and strawberry flavors. Thank you!

  2. Can you do a Goodnight Moon? Our Hub here has one called this and it is my addiction but at $6 a drink it gets pricey.

  3. So far everything I’ve tried has been awesome! You’re the only reason I downloaded TikTok. Thank you for taking time out of your day to share with us how to save money and make these drinks at home! You’re awesome!

  4. Would love a recipe for pixie stix. Thank you so much for all of your recipes! They are great!

  5. A friend led me here a few days ago. Can’t wait to start trying out your recipes! Any chance you have one for the fuzzy navel drink? Thank you!
    Angie Z

  6. Thanks so much for putting together all these recipes! I love loaded teas but don’t like spending the money every day or even every couples days. These are perfect!

  7. I know you’ve answered this before, but I don’t see it. Where do you buy the guarana powder? Thanks!

  8. Thanks for sharing the loaded tea recipe
    My favorite is the Southern Sunset.
    Can’t wait to try more ❤️

  9. I need something with pineapple and strawberry but don’t know which tea or flavors??? Help me out please.

  10. I’m loving these! I just ordered tea and nrg I’m so excited!! Can’t wait for bad and boujee and I’d love a pixie stick & hocus pocus dupe! 🧡🖤

  11. Any Cotton Candy drinks by any chance?? 😁😁😁😁😁

    Also the two Walmarts close to me do not carry the Margaritaville mixes. What can be substituted for those and what can be substituted for the Guarana Powder?

    1. I got my Margaritaville mixes on Amazon. People have said to check Big Lots and Walgreens!

      The guarana powder is a hard substitute. If you can’t get it, you can leave it out. It ups the caffeine level and is a natural slow absorbing caffeine. I like it, but it’s just optional.

  12. We have a twisted sunny tea at the club near me! Do you have a dupe for that?! It’s my hubby’s fave! And I love the rainbow snowcone! Also interested in a dupe for that one! ❤️ Thank you SO much for doing this!!

  13. Can u do Cherokee? I got one from a tea shop and all I really know is it’s got pink starburst in it…

      1. Can you do a Dracula? I’ve been told it has cranberry and blue raspberry. I’ve also been told it has pomegranate and blue raspberry.

  14. Seriously loving all the dupe recipes!! I would love to see a recipe for Ocean Water! The local shop told me it has green apple, pineapple, and berry blast!

  15. Can you do All Nighter? The local shop told me that it’s lemon-lime, grape, and blue sweet tart? It’s my favorite!

  16. Hi! I’m so glad I found you! Do you know how to make the Malibu tea? Our local places makes it & it’s so good!

  17. My local shop has one called mermaid tail that is a tropical base and blue razz top. What do they use as the tropical base?

    1. Hi Chelsea! They are most likely using the Tropical Liftoff. Our substitute doesn’t make that flavor exactly, so are combining 1/4 packet of citrus 4C + 1/4 packet of orange 4C to get as close as possible. Hope that helps!

  18. My nutrition store makes Moana, I believe it is banana and pineapple and I LOVE it right now. Maybe you could work on hacking this one!

  19. HI! Thanks so much for these! My favorite at the club is a seasonal one called Merry Grinchmas. Wild Berry Beverage Mix, Orange Liftoff, Mandarin Aloe, Blue Raspberry and Cherry flavorings and HL Cinnamon Tea – I have dupes now for everything but their cinnamon tea…can you help me find a dupe for that? You rock!

  20. We also have teas here called hangovers. You can get any tea as a hangover. Any clue how I can make one a hangover. They usually help with my migraines.

    Can you also do a Starburst flavor tea please?

  21. Hey I am so obsessed with your recipes. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you have a dupe for the Maui and/or knotty pineapple?

  22. Hello. My local shop has a tea called The Beast and the Beauty. Its Lemon Lime Lift Off, Best Defense, Collagen, Lemon Tea, Mandarin Aloe and grape flavoring on top. Can you help me dupe this?

  23. I am a newbie to your site. WOW!!! thank you for all you publish for us to be able to save some money and still feel healthier.
    $7+ for just one drink of the “big brands” is a purse drainer for sure.

  24. My local tea shop has two called Potter Punch and Candy Crush. can you find a doupe on those please?

  25. Could you make a cranberry mimosa? The nutrition store I go to sometimes has that one, but I’m not sure what is in to.
    Also, is the aloe and cactus water a necessary component of the teas?
    I have LOVED every recipe I have tried so far 💜

  26. Wondering if the recipe book ever gets updated ? I noticed that there are quite a few that aren’t on the version you can have emailed to you, but they are on “even more” and other individual categories

      1. Can you do cosmo and Wanda?
        Like liftoff, strawberry watermelon, lemon tea, and green gusher(not sure what that is)

  27. Love the TTs! Can’t wait to start trying my own teas. But I was wondering, is there any way to make a “database” to put a couple of flavors in and it recommends a tea?

  28. Hi! i just found your page and love it. Do you have a dupe for the grinch? it’s only a level 2 tea and is lemon tea, pomegranate liftoff and lemonlime flavoring. I didn’t see a pomegranate liftoff dupe so i was wondering what you did for that? thank you!!

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