Loaded Tea Recipes – DIY


If you are wondering how to make the trendy Herbalife loaded teas at home, this post is for you! If you’re looking to take an even deeper dive into saving money while still getting your energy fix, I’m going to show you how to make our version without Herbalife – The Frugal Loaded Tea. Recipe below.

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Herbalife Loaded Tea Recipe


If you are interested in making the Herbalife loaded teas at home, check out the Loaded Teas: Are They Worth It? post for a breakdown of the different pricing options.


DIY Loaded Tea without Herbalife – The Frugal Loaded Tea


The Frugal Loaded Tea has 180 mg. of caffeine and comes out to $0.86 per serving!


With this recipe, you will save a fortune and still get a blast of energy! We substituted the aloe concentrate with cactus water. You can make your own changes and also control which flavor combinations to suit your own taste. Get creative and have fun! You can even give your homemade teas fun names, like The Frugal Tea or The Night Shift.



What’s your flavor combo and tea name?


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15 thoughts on “Loaded Tea Recipes – DIY”

  1. I’ve look through all your posts and tiktoks and I may have missed it, but have you done the cherry lime flavor?
    and on a separate note, what does the aloe, or cactus water or coconut water do?

  2. Is there a real difference between the Crystal Light Peach Mango Tea and the Great Value Peach Mango Tea….the same with Great Value Iced Tea with Peach and Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea. Just starting out and have bought everything I can so far budget wise, however seems like I am still missing one thing from each recipe.

  3. I’m loving these tea recipes! Saves me a ton of money each week! I’m wondering, though, how you’re coming up with the caffeine measurement on these…CL wild strawberry energy has 60/65mg, the green tea has 15…so I’m not seeing where you’re coming up with 180mg on the frugal loaded tea (as an example)..can you help me understand? I sure don’t want to miss out on some caffeine…:)

      1. My Herbalife tea name is Cottontail Colada, it has lemon tea, orange liftoff, collagen, mango aloe, strawberry and coconut flavoring. What would be comparable to this?

  4. Hi! I just want to thank you so much for posting your recipes for these loaded teas! I took your advice and I did some of my own recipes concoctions. Haha. Waaay cheaper and I can build it to my taste. I bought the Great Value brand in most of the powdered flavors as well as the liquid. I also bought a pretty tie dye colored 32oz metal travel cup as well. This is a game changer. I imagine my husband likes the switch as well. I made him a loaded tea with the 4c mixes and his favorite flavored cherry packet(I used True Lemon limeade brand black Cherry for his) I also substituted coconut water for cactus water. Perfecto!

  5. The Gaurana powder you use, how important is it for these teas? Is there something comparable? Btw, absolutely loving these dupes! Thank you for posting them!!

  6. Can I use something in these besides cactus or coconut water? I would love to keep them as low carb\sugar free as possible! Love these recipes!

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