Lemon Pound Cake

As always, these recipes don't require any pricey products and all come in for close to $2 or less!

Tips for making your shakes:

Blend your ice and water together first for a few seconds before adding dry ingredients. It’ll make for a smoother consistency.

If your shake is too thin, add more ice and blend.

If your shake is too thick, add some warm water and blend.

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Lemon Pound Cake

210 Cal, 22.5 carbs, 22g protein, $1.56


SlimFast Advance Nutrition Smoothie Mix -Vanilla

Integrated Supplements Whey Isolate Protein – Vanilla

Great Value pudding mix – lemon

Graham crackers

Lemon Extract

Butter Extract

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12 thoughts on “Lemon Pound Cake”

  1. Hey there,
    I have a question so I have chocolate premium protein powder at home, do I need to get the advanced to go with it? Thank you so much for sharing valuable secrets for us

    1. Hi Heather!

      I think you could try it first with just the premium protein, but you would use two scoops (one in place of the SlimFast Advanced). The SlimFast has all the vitamins, minerals, and fiber of a meal replacement. But if you aren’t concerned with that, you could just use what you have to make a high protein shake rather than a meal replacement shake.

      Originally the premium protein was going to be our first choice until we tested the Integrated Supplements brand. The combo of SlimFast Advanced with that product gave the best flavor with the least amount of “protein taste” possible. If you use the premium protein and it starts to get more of a “chalky” taste, I would increase the water and ice. Let us know how it goes so we can pass along the info!

  2. can you swap the regular lemon pudding for sugar free to cut the overall sugar down? Looks like that and the graham crackers are the highest sugar content?

    1. Yes! 100% I would recommend. I looked all over my area and I just couldn’t find the sugar free lemon. Also I can’t find just plain “banana” anywhere. Everything is only “banana cream” in every brand.

      1. Thank you! I’ve pulled several of these and swapping the regular pudding for sugar free where I can (except oreo cookies & cream) someone comes up with that in sugar free and they will be my next hero! One last question… are you using “instant” puddings or “cook & serve”

        1. Just the instant pudding mixes, haven’t used the cook & serve. Also, you could use a sugar free syrup to cut down on the carbs and calories. We have most of the syrup flavors, but wanted to make sure to give everyone a recipe with ingredients they could find easily. If you use syrups and want the shakes to have a “creamier” texture, throwing in one tbsp of sugar free vanilla pudding mix works well to add more texture and is pretty cheap. Almost every syrup we’ve gotten came from a discount store for $4 or less.

          I have a sugar free syrup in the flavor of “cookie dough” but not “cookies n cream.” The other option is to use a “Cookies and Cream” protein powder like Muscle Milk in place of the vanilla protein powder, but we are trying to avoid people having to buy multiple flavors of protein powder.

  3. I was wondering the same thing. I haven’t asked and have just experimented for myself.
    I have also noticed that there are no posts from the owner of the site since fall of 2021. I’m not really sure what exactly that means, if anything.
    I will be honest, I made Orange Dreamsicle with a Premier Protein vanilla shake and the consistency was weird to me. The taste was pretty good but I couldn’t drink the whole thing. I think my problem, however, is my blender and not the fact that I used a pre-made protein shake.

    1. We update the site constantly and have not made it back to shakes just yet. No post since the fall of 2021? Only 150 tea and content articles since then. The consistency may have been weird because that is not the protein powder we use in our recipes. Primarily for that reason.

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