Our Favorite Read-Aloud Kids Books


Hey! Big book nerd here.

So, no big shock that I started reading to my kids while they were still in the womb. I couldn’t imagine them not sharing my love of books, so I stocked up on all the classics and crossed my fingers and toes. They had to be readers!

Turns out, all my wishes came true, and we have continued filling our bookshelves over the years. My daughter was first, and she could recite every word of Are You My Mother? from memory at a very young age. We read every night, often getting lost in the worlds of Dr. Seuss or exploring Bear Country with The Berenstains. She had a real knack for picking a longer and longer book with each passing night. She was hooked, and I was in heaven.

After learning lessons from Brother and Sister Bear, we moved on to the super silly Amelia Bedelia, who I blame for my daughter’s (over)use of figurative language. When Amelia was told to “go fly a kite” and actually did it, you could see the wheels turning in my girl’s little mind – like, “Oh, I get it.” We spent many a night laughing at Amelia’s literal interpretation of words.

Her love of reading took on a life of itself. She went on to finish the entire Harry Potter series and earn the coveted two million word reader accolade at school that year. A girl after my own heart. I can’t even put into words how not only proud, but genuinely impressed I am by her.

While she can independently read any book she can get her hands on, she still enjoys me reading aloud. Now, she is joined by her little brother as he listens intently for character voices and changes in my expression depending on the story. He is especially interested in animal story lines and anything mischievous. The If You Give A Mouse A Cookie series are some of his favorites. Book character costumes are real fan favorites around here.


Reading has allowed us to share a common love. It has improved their vocabulary and conversational skills. My girl may only be ten, but she can still give you a run for your money in a Scrabble game. Trust me! I believe it has also broadened their creativity and opened a whole world of imagination.

We have decided to incorporate tons of reading into our homeschool curriculum as we continue to encourage their appreciation of books, whether it’s reading alone or aloud.


Some of our favorite read-aloud books over the years are highlighted below. Happy Reading, fellow bookworms!



What are some of your favorite children’s books?

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