Halloween Activities at Home: All the Tricks and Treats


It can be quite a challenge coming up with activities and games for the kids to do at home. I was determined to make sure they enjoyed all the tricks and treats, so I got to work. These spook-tacular ideas will definitely have you in the running for Mummy of the Year.

[I hope you Hallo-queens are ready for some spooky good puns.]

Halloween Games & Activities


Would You Rather?

It was so much fun to see everyone’s choices to this spooky version of the classic. I saw many different ones on Pinterest and just pulled a mixture of questions to make this one. Lots of tough decisions and laughs along the way!

P.S. You can find me in a creepy castle sippin’ on my witches brew.


Mad Libs

These creative fill-in-the-blank stories were my favorite as a child. I found Zombie Picnic, again on Pinterest, and just wrote it out on orange construction paper. They searched for the most thrilling and chilling words to complete their tales, and then read them out loud. It was way too cute to be scary!


Frankie Says

We all know the classic Simon Says, and this Halloween version, Frankie Says, did not disappoint. Another Pinterest score! We played for hours, so much that I had to come up with more actions. Their witch cackles and mummy wrapping were hilarious. After each round, they would cry, “Again, again!” Grab your broomsticks and join the fun!

Haunted House Drawing

We love anything arts and crafts around here – all of it! I had the kids draw their best haunted houses with a few instructions to follow. They had to include a moon, haunted house sign, pumpkin, bat, ghost, spiderwebs, and a black cat. If your kids are anything like mine, everything (EVERYTHING!) is a competition, so they were super annoyed when I refused to pick a winner. Both drawings were boo-tiful in my book!


Witchy Word Search

A quick trip to the Dollar Store and you’re well on your way to this Giant Halloween Word Search. My girl really loves word searches and puzzles, so I had to make this happen. I may have ended up with marker up to my elbows, but it was all worth it. We taped it on the wall with painter’s tape (easy and mess free) and watched them work together to get the job done. Teamwork makes the scream work!


Hocus Pocus Bingo

First, I have to come clean – I had never seen Hocus Pocus. There, I said it! Can you even believe it? I don’t know how I made it this long without watching, but it’s true. I was just as excited as the kids to finally see the Sanderson Sistas in action, and it definitely lived up to all the hype. I found this website that lets you generate your own customizable bingo cards. How cool?! Best part – you can print up to 50 for FREE! Grab some popcorn and trick-or-treat yo’self to these witch-approved bingo cards.

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