Even More Loaded Tea Recipes

We asked which loaded teas you wanted us to recreate on a budget, and y’all sent us so many requests! So, we got to work coming up with even more recipes that will hit the spot and not drain your account.

As always, these recipes don’t require any pricey products or supplements and all come in for LESS THAN ONE DOLLAR per tea!

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**The links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

175 mg caffeine, 30 calories, 89 cents per serving

Great Value Wild Strawberry energy drink mix

Great Value Peach Mango Green Tea drink mix

Great Value Tropical Tepache De Pina drink mix

Starburst Blue Raspberry drink mix

Cactus water



135 mg caffeine, 38 calories, 62 cents per serving


Great Value Wild Strawberry energy drink mix

Crystal Light Raspberry Green Tea drink mix

Starburst Blue Raspberry drink mix

Pomegranate Aloe


175 mg caffeine, 30 calories, 73 cents per serving

Great Value Lemonade energy drink mix

Great Value Peach Mango Green Tea drink mix

Skittles Green Apple drink mix

Cactus water



140 mg caffeine, 25 calories, 93 cents per serving

Great Value Peach Mango Green Tea drink mix

Crystal Light Tropical Coconut drink mix

Jordan’s Skinny Syrups Peach Ring

Coconut water



135 mg caffeine, 43 calories, 70 cents per serving


Great Value Dragonfruit energy drink mix

Great Value Cherry Pomegranate drink mix

Crystal Light Raspberry Green Tea drink mix

Pomegranate Aloe

These DIY Loaded Teas are just another way you can enjoy the things you love and still stick to your budget.

Hippie Sippie is my favorite in this batch and was inspired by my good friend, Whitney.


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16 thoughts on “Even More Loaded Tea Recipes”

  1. Mandy M Gormley

    Can you substitute coconut water for the cactus water in these recipes? I am having a hard time finding cactus water.

  2. Hi! I think this has been asked before but I wondered if you were working on any aspertame-free recipes? I’ve tried a few of these and while they taste amazing and the caffeine boost is awesome, I inevitably feel horrible later and I’m sure it’s because of the aspertame. Thanks for all you do and I appreciate any insight!

    1. You know..I have done that before too and believe I felt so bad because of the aspartame. I felt horrible and my heart rate went really low in spite of the caffeine. Thanks for saying something!

  3. just tried a free Britney today. i made it with regular aloe instead of cactus water as i cant find cactus water anywhere yet, and i only had pomegranate lemonade vs regular. it was super sweet, but delish!!! i assume as the ice melts it will dilute the drink and help with the sweetness, but holy yum!!! your tiktoks are great and im eager to try more fun drinks.

    1. Hi Noelle!

      Ya, generally the ice melts and dilutes it out. You could also just start with less ice and dilute it out with water. A lot of times I end up only making one drink per day and dilute with water in my tumbler as the day go on. It helps me reach my daily water intake goals.

      Also, when my drink gets towards the bottom, I refill it with sprite sometimes. Really good!

  4. If I wanted to use the black tea powder do I just replace them in the recipe for the flavored tea mixes or do I still need the flavor to get the overall flavor of the drink right?

    1. Hi Michelle!

      No, I would just replace with the black tea powder. Most of the flavored tea mixes don’t have enough taste to really change the overall drink flavor. I use tea powder in my drinks at home, but I try to use ingredients that the majority of people have or can find.

  5. My local shop makes the kitchen sink. She said it does not have pomegranate but berries and cherry. Is love to know how. She said it has berry aloe, it also has collagen.

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