Easy Breezy Leaf Art


This art project was especially fun since we take daily walks around our neighborhood. We see tons of leaves and flowers along the way, so I thought this activity would be a great way to incorporate them into our homeschool art lesson.

First, we collected leaves on our walk. We tried to find ones that were cool shapes and different sizes. I learned the dry ones don’t work too well as I was sweeping up the crunchy pieces from the kitchen floor. Noted!

Next, the kids chose their favorite color of construction paper and crayons. We peeled the paper off of the crayons. This is where our box of old crayons really came in handy. Trial and error taught us that the darker colors show up best.

Then, we sandwiched our leaves between two pieces of paper, laid the crayon on its side and rubbed it over the leaf. The more we rubbed, the more details of the leaf were visible on the paper. It helped tremendously for me to hold the top piece of paper in place as the kids colored over the leaf.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed it. They thought it was super cool to see how their carefully chosen leaves were each unique in different ways. Bonus – it was FREE!

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