Hey, Y'all!

I’m a wife and a proud mom of two. We live in Louisiana where it is almost always hot and humid. Many of our days are spent outside kicking a soccer ball, walking the sidewalks of our neighborhood, and cooling off in the sprinklers with a popsicle. When I’m not working my full time job, I enjoy getting lost in a good book. I’ve seen every episode of Queer Eye, Schitt’s Creek and The Handmaid’s Tale. I’m a sucker for a cheap deal, but I will splurge on Ben & Jerry’s any day of the week!


I recently learned to enjoy the simpler things and a slow paced life style. I’ve realized what it means to live for something more than a jean size or other people’s opinions of me. This blog was started to share our journey of attempting to pay off six figures of debt in sixty months after an unexpected job loss forced us to completely reevaluate our budget. Along the way, I learned more about myself than expected and felt like I had more to share than just budgeting tips. 


My overall goal is to focus on the positive in life, even in tough situations – Silver Lining Lessons. This space has given me an amazing community of friends and supporters to share and grow with. I’m so happy you’re here and I hope to share my experiences in such a way that you also see the positives in your life. 


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about me

Hey y'all, I'm jana

Hey y'all, I'm jana

At Silver Lining Lessons, the home of the loaded tea, we show you how to make affordable loaded teas without having to contribute to or support multi-level marketing companies.  

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