A Fifth-Grader’s View from Home[school]


My name is Aubree. I am ten years old and in the fifth grade this year. Jana is my Mommy, and she told me I could write a guest blog about anything I wanted. I thought it would be helpful to share my thoughts on homeschool.

I always thought that homeschool would be really fun, but I never thought we would actually do it. Then, I suddenly learned we were going to do it!

The Perks

My favorite part is all the perks! So, I will talk about those first. Soon, I figured out I didn’t have to go to bed or wake up at a certain time anymore. This has been my top favorite perk. It has been great for me, because I am NOT a morning person! ????

Also, we can learn at our own pace. I was super happy about this, because I was one of the kids that would be finished with the whole page before the teacher even started on the first problem. I would always get really bored in class when I finished early. So, this was really big for me.

Another thing I have really enjoyed is the fact that I don’t have to sit at a desk like at school. Now, I can sit on the couch all curled up in my blanket and do my lessons. Did I mention that I can do my lessons any time I want? That’s right, anytime! There isn’t any set time for me to learn. My favorite time to do lessons is after Mommy gets home from work, so she can do them with me.

My next favorite perk is all the snacks! It has become a routine for me to get a snack during lessons. One of my biggest pet peeves in school was that I always got really hungry during class, but you couldn’t eat in class. So, I was very happy to know I could eat my snacks whenever I wanted. Kid Hack: Popcorn goes really good with Science!

The Lessons

My favorite thing about the lessons is that they are fun! It seems like there is a new character to teach me in every one. There is also tons of reading, which I love! I always get Mommy to read it to me, especially Social Studies.

I wasn’t too fond of all the worksheets I had to do at first. It used to seem like Mommy had 5,000 of them for me every day! Then, she made it to where she gives me four or five problems at a time. If I get them all right, I don’t have to do anymore. But, if I get one wrong, I have to add another problem.

This is a fifth-grader’s view on homeschool. As you can tell, I have very much been enjoying it. Especially the snacks!

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