200K TikTok Follower Giveaway

AAnd the winners are:

Directions for winners: You will each receive a message on TikTok from my Silver Lining Lessons account (@silverlininglessons). All I will need from you is a valid email address. Once you provide this, we will contact you through that email to coordinate shipping your prize.  You will never be asked to follow any links, fill out any forms, or provide any personal or financial information. If you receive anything like that, you should report that account and block them.

PRIZE 1 (above): TikTok user: brandijoreynolds

PRIZE 2 (above): TikTok user: m.e.s_11906

PRIZE 3 (above): TikTok user: arvinacolwell77

Thank you to everyone who entered. more importantly, thank you to each and every one of you who follows and supports us. it means more than you'll ever know!

Be sure to check out our new menu board by clicking the button below for all your favorite tea and drink recipes. We hope this user friendly board will make finding each recipe easier than ever!

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7 thoughts on “200K TikTok Follower Giveaway”

  1. Hi!
    I am m.e.s_11906. My name is Margie Sellers. I’m a mother of 4 and my daughters and I love, love all of your recipes. We stay very busy and your stuff gives us just the right amount of pick up we need and it seems to be pretty healthy too! Again, thank you very much!

    Margie E. Sellers

    1. I am so glad I have found your drinks, I am a single mom of 4 kids, a small business owner and love herbalife just not the hefty expensive cost of the teas, these have been such a life saver for me. You’re amazing thank you for all of your tea dupes

  2. I have a shop and looking at something different. thank you for what you do. It has given me a lot of ideas.
    would love to discuss further!

  3. I work nightshift as a nurse and caffeine and I go hand in hand
    I have for years been a loyal consumer of a well known energy drink and I must tell you when I found you on tiktok and decided to try the teas I was instantly hooked. I now have a Co worker drinking them. I have gone from 2 to 3 energy drinks a day to maybe 1 every 4 days because I would rather drink your dupes. Thank you.

  4. We had a nutrition hub open up in our small town and I am was so addicted to the loaded teas bit the cost was eating me up. I am a busy stay at home mom, daycare provider and fellow homeschool teacher all while still managing our home and family life. I ran across your tik toks and followed instantly. Making my grocery list out and Amazon list as we speak fortress and meal replacements to get going on them. I am also pretty obease and have to add taking care of my mom whom had a stroke in the beginning of August. I need to have the energy and yet still try to lose weight. Thank you for you help!I just have one question though, what kind of blender do u recommend for your meal replacement shakes?

    1. Hi Penny! Glad you found our website and TikTok. We use a KitchenAid K150 3 speed. It works really well, but we mainly got it because it was on clearance at Walmart. I’m sure you could use any blender, just have to test it out and see what consistency you like. Let us know if you have any questions.

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